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Regal Shower Screens Gold Coast

Modern Glass Sliding Wardrobe Doors Gold Coast

Welcome to REGAL Shower Screens, your premier destination for high-quality glass sliding wardrobe doors on the Gold Coast. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of stylish and modern options that cater to your unique style and preferences. Our sliding wardrobe doors are not just visually captivating but also provide practical benefits for your home and bedroom.

Our team at REGAL Shower Screens understands the importance of space optimisation and aesthetic appeal in every household. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing stunning solutions that elevate your home’s interior design while offering functional advantages. With our glass sliding wardrobe doors, you can enjoy a seamless blend of style, functionality, and sophistication.

Whether you’re renovating your existing home or designing a new one, our glass sliding wardrobe doors are an excellent choice. They add a contemporary touch to your bedroom, create an illusion of expanded space, and allow natural light to flow freely, brightening up your space.

Glass Sliding Wardrobe Doors Gold Coast

Sliding Glass Door Specifications

Max Height:
Max Door Width:
1200mm per Door/Panel
Configuration Options:
2 Panels, 3 Panels, 4 Panels, 5 Panels, 6 Panels
Panel Options:
Glass, Coloured Glass, Custom Printed Glass
Track Options:
50mm Slimline Track, 83mm Standard Track, 120mm Triple Track
Frame Options:
Framed, Frameless (Micro-Framed)
Frame Colours:
Almond, Bright Gold, Matte Silver, Matt Black, Polished Chrome, White

Glass Sliding Wardrobe Frame Options

We offer two main styles of glass sliding wardrobe doors. The first option is the standard framed doors with glass inserts, which provide a sleek and modern look. This design offers a timeless appeal that’s perfect for any bedroom decor.

The second option is micro-framed doors with glass inserts. This contemporary design offers a minimalist aesthetic while maintaining the same level of functionality. Both styles are customisable to suit your preferences and complement your bedroom decor.

Whether you prefer the clean lines of the standard frame or the understated elegance of the micro framed doors, we can help you create the perfect glass wardrobes for your Gold Coast home.

sliding door frame options

Glass Sliding Wardrobe Colours

When it comes to frame colours for glass sliding wardrobe doors, we offer a range of options. Choose from almond, silver, gold, black, and white frames to match your existing decor. Each colour adds a unique touch to your wardrobe doors, enhancing their overall appeal.

In addition to frame colours, the glass itself can be customised in any colour. This allows you to create a truly unique piece that reflects your personal style. Our custom printed glass service even gives you the option to print a cherished image on the glass, creating a truly unique and personalised touch.

No matter your style or aesthetic, our range of frame colours and custom glass options can help you create the perfect glass sliding wardrobe doors for your bedroom.

Key Features of Glass Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Discover the flawless fusion of style, functionality, and durability with REGAL Shower Screens’ modern glass wardrobe doors. Contact us for a free quote and allow us to elevate your living space.


Our glass wardrobe doors come in various styles and designs, allowing you to customise your space to reflect your taste.


These wardrobe doors offer a more efficient use of space than traditional hinged doors, making them ideal for smaller bedrooms.

Modern and Stylish

The sleek design of our glass sliding wardrobe doors adds a contemporary touch to any bedroom or living space.

Reflective Properties

Mirrored glass sliding doors can make your room appear larger and brighter by reflecting light.

Customisation Options

Choose from different frame colours and glass inserts to match your bedroom design and decor.


Made with high-quality safety glass, our wardrobe doors promise long-lasting durability.

Easy Maintenance

Glass doors are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for busy homeowners.

Enhances Natural Light

These wardrobe doors allow natural light to flow into your room, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

The Benefits of Sliding Glass Wardrobe Doors for Your Home and Bedroom

Sliding glass wardrobe doors have numerous benefits, making them an excellent choice for your home and bedroom. Firstly, their innovative design saves space, making them perfect for smaller rooms or apartments where maximising space is essential. These doors’ sleek, modern design adds a stylish touch to your bedroom, enhancing its overall aesthetic.

Furthermore, sliding glass wardrobe doors are versatile. You can create a look that perfectly matches your decor with the option to customise frame colours and glass inserts. Whether you prefer a minimalist style or a more luxurious aesthetic, our wardrobe doors can cater to your tastes.

Lastly, these doors are designed with practicality in mind. Made from high-quality safety glass, they ensure durability and peace of mind. Their reflective properties can make your room appear larger and brighter by enhancing natural light.

Sliding Glass Wardrobe Doors Gold Coast

Why Choose REGAL Shower Screens?

Choosing the right company for wardrobe doors on the Gold Coast is crucial. At REGAL Shower Screens, we bring years of expertise and experience in providing high-quality glass sliding wardrobe doors on the Gold Coast. Our team of experts will guide you through the selection process and ensure a seamless installation.

We offer a wide range of glass sliding wardrobe styles, including standard framed doors with glass inserts and frameless sliding wardrobe doors (micro framed) with glass inserts. You can choose from various frame colours and glass options to create a unique and personalised look.

At REGAL, we prioritise customer satisfaction. From the initial consultation to the final installation, our team provides attentive and personalised service. We’re committed to ensuring that your glass sliding doors exceed your expectations.

Experience and Expertise

With years of experience, our team brings unmatched expertise to each project. We have the knowledge and skills to guide you in selecting glass sliding wardrobe doors that perfectly fit your space and match your style.

Wide Range of Options

At REGAL Shower Screens, we offer various wardrobe door choices. From mirror and glass to custom prints – we have it all. Find the perfect wardrobe door to match your design aesthetic and functional needs.

Quality and Durability

We are dedicated to delivering top-notch products that endure. Our glass wardrobe sliding doors are crafted from durable materials, ensuring long-lasting quality.

Transform Your Bedroom with Elegant Glass Sliding Wardrobe Doors!

Ready to transform your bedroom with stylish and functional glass wardrobes on the Gold Coast? Your journey to a more elegant and organised space starts here. Contact REGAL Shower Screens today to schedule an appointment and explore our wide range of options. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in creating the perfect glass sliding wardrobe doors for your Gold Coast home. With our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Take the first step towards a more beautiful and functional space today – contact REGAL Shower Screens. Your dream bedroom awaits!