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Things You Must Know Before Ordering Kitchen Splashback

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Ordering Kitchen Splashback is amongst the most important aspects of a kitchen renovation. Not only does it lend a style and look to your overall kitchen design; it is extremely functional protecting your walls.

Firstly what is a Kitchen Splashback?

A splashback is installed on the wall above and behind the sink, cooktop, or benchtop workspace. It protects the wall behind it from moisture, grease, oil, food splatters, and other mess that occurs in the kitchen when you’re preparing food or washing up.

Your splashback also provides a feature to your kitchen. Simply installing a new splashback can revive a tired kitchen, and revamp the entire look of the room.

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Splashbacks were traditionally made of tile, but today the options are endless with a vast array of splashback materials available.

Among the most popular options are tiles, glass, reconstituted stone and aluminum composite panels. Obviously, apart from quality and look one of the most important things would be the cost of the material for your splashback.

What You Need to Remember When Ordering Kitchen Splashback!

• Budget
• Aesthetics
• Fitting
• Maintenance
• Warranty

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